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Pots & Hanging Baskets

Having a variety of pots and ornaments will add extra impact to your garden throughout the year.

Easy to maintain and beautiful when planted up, pots add a splash of colour wherever you position them – on the patio, as a feature at the front gate or even in the flowerbed. We always have a wonderful selection of pots available, from the traditional beauty of terracotta to colourful glazed pots. You can have fun changing the look of your garden by moving pots around or adding new ones through the year.We also stock a collection of statues and garden ornaments from small animals to large figures. These make an ideal focal point in the garden and add interest to the border or lawn. Why not add a birdbath to your garden and help look after wildlife?

What better than an eye catching display of colour to brighten your house or garden?

Come and see our selection of hanging baskets, vibrant splashes of hanging summer or autumn flowers! We stock a large variety of shapes and sizes. If you simply want instant results in your garden then pick up one of our readymade pots planted up on site by one of our experienced staff.We are used to catering for orders of all sizes – from small, specialist hanging baskets to larger orders for hotels, pubs, restaurants and town centres. We grow and supply the plants for Earby and Barnoldswick in Bloom, Nelson, Trawdon and Laneshawbridge. We also refill customers own hanging baskets and tubs, or new ones, to their own special requirements and budgets.Why not come and see for yourself? The choice is yours!


Spring flowering bulbs are available in September and October.  Lots of varieties, Narcissus, Tulips, Snowdrops, Crocus and much more.

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